Winner Say “Love Me Love Me” to their Lover and Explore the “Island” with Her in New Music Videos

Posted on 07 August 2017

Winner Love Me Love Me

Winner’s back! On August 4, Winner revealed their two new music videos for “Love Me Love Me” and “Island”, the two tracks on their new single album “Our Twenty Four”. Winner filmed both the “Love Me Love Me” and “Island” music videos in Hawaii.

The music video for “Love Me Love Me” opens up with Winner in a resort, dancing by the pool and playing golf with balls painted with hearts. Winner then go exploring downtown together, after sending some messages to “Bae”. Winner’s lover sends several replies back after a while, when Winner return to relax by the pool at the resort.

In the next music video for “Island”, Winner dance on the beach, walk along the cliffs, and take in an amazing view of the Sun setting on the Pacific Ocean. Winner ride a pickup truck along the road on the hills, looking on a great view of the city. Winner also go on an adventure in the woods together with friends, starting a bonfire just as night rolls around the corner.

“Love Me Love Me” is a dance track with a disco beat, while “Island” features Winner’s unique take on the dancehall genre. The two songs continue the tropical theme, just right for the summer, that Winner’s been going with lately on top of their signature sound.

Winner made their last comeback with their “Fate Twenty Four” single album last April, that also featured two singles, “Really Really” and “Fool”, and music videos shot in Los Angeles, California. Winner jam together and join up with a huge dance crew in “Really Really”, while they split up and each walk alone in “Fool”, where they end up reliving the memories with their former lover.

Check out Winner’s new music videos for “Love Me Love Me” and “Island” now:

Love Me Love Me


Watch the motion teasers from Winner, too:

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