Winner Return with Double Music Videos for “Really Really” and “Fool”

Posted on April 09 2017

Winner Return with Double Music Videos for “Really Really” and “Fool”


Winner’s back! On April 4, Winner made their long-awaited comeback with two full music videos, “Really Really” and “Fool”, along with their new single “Fate Number For”. In the video for “Really Really”, Winner dance with a crowd-size crew of backup dancers in Los Angeles, California. In “Fool”, Winner sing about the sadness they feel after parting ways with their former lover.

The music video for “Really Really” is set in black and white, from the beginning to the end. Winner walk into an open square and start jamming and dancing, and the YG boy group are soon joined by a huge dance crew. In the “Fool” music video, each of Winner’s four members wander solo all over the city, singing deeply and emotionally as they see the memories and image of their ex-girlfriend reappearing almost everywhere.

Winner achieved over a million views on YouTube for their two music videos in less than 24 hours: “Really Really” exceeded 2 million views within a single day, while “Fool” got over 1.6 million views. “Really Really” is a cool and upbeat dance track that blends in tropical and house. “Fool” is a ballad with a soft piano playing, that completes Winner’s emotional and deeply moving vocals.

Winner made their previous comeback more than a year ago, with the release of their first mini album “EXIT : E” in February 2016. That time, Winner unveiled three music videos, for “Sentimental”, “Baby Baby”, and Taehyun’s solo “I’m Young”. For their comeback this week, Winner are making it up to their fans after the long wait with “Fool”, a song that’s also dedicated to the Inner Circle.

Watch Winner’s two comeback music videos now:

Really Really


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