VIXX Complete “Conception” Trilogy with “The Closer” MV

Posted on November 01 2016

VIXX Complete “Conception” Trilogy with “The Closer” MV


VIXX is back! On October 31, VIXX released their latest music video for “The Closer” - their third one this year. “The Closer” is the title track of VIXX’s mini album “Kratos”, which also came out on the same day.
VIXX began their “Conception” trilogy series earlier this year in March, taking inspiration for their concept mainly from Greek mythology. VIXX released Part 1 – their single album “Zelos” - on April 19, along with the music video for “Dynamite”.
Last summer in August 12, VIXX released Part 2 in the form of “Hades”, another single album, with the music video for “Fantasy”. VIXX’s comeback this week for Part 3 – with “The Closer” and “Kratos” - completes the trilogy and marks another success for VIXX, with their first ever three-part release series.
VIXX is a rapidly rising boy group from Jellyfish Entertainment, and are best known for their dark, intense concepts and dance performances. “The Closer” mixes electronic, synth, and R&B to produce another amazing dance track, that bears all the hallmarks of VIXX’s signature sound.
Watch Part 3 of the VIXX “Conception” trilogy in their new video for “The Closer” now:
Also, check out Part 2 of the trilogy in VIXX’s music video for “Fantasy” here:

Finally, wrap up watching VIXX’s first ever trilogy with the very first music video they released for the series, “Dynamite”:

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