Twice Will Make You “Likey” Their Epic Vacation Highlight Reel in New Music Video

Posted on November 01 2017

Twice Will Make You “Likey” Their Epic Vacation Highlight Reel in New Music Video


Twice are back! On October 30, Twice unveiled their new music video for “Likey”, the lead single of their first studio album “Twicetagram”. In their latest music video, Twice go on a trip together in Vancouver, Canada, posting select snapshots to Twicetagram. Twice’s new video for “Likey” surpassed 4 million views in less than 8 hours.

In the “Likey” music video, Twice find new ways to get their crush to “like” their posts on Twicetagram, trying out new styles for their hair and checking out the selection of clothes in a shop downtown. Dancing in sets all over the city, Twice also document their vacation on video, exploring the streets, relaxing in the parks and cafes, and more.

Twice’s new single “Likey” is a fun, catchy, and upbeat pop song. Twice’s first studio album “Twicetagram” features a total of 13 new songs: lead single “Likey”, “Turtle”, “Missing U”, “Wow”, “FFW”, “Ding Dong”, “24/7”, “Look At Me”, “Rollin’”, “Love Line”, “Don’t Give Up”, “Having You”, and "Sleep Tight, Good Night".

Twice made their previous comeback last May, with their fourth mini album “Signal”. In the lead single’s music video, also titled “Signal”, Twice send all kinds of signals as they try to communicate with an alien from another planet. Twice keep pursuing the alien and find themselves in the forest, where they witness the scene of the alien getting beamed up to a spaceship.

Watch Twice’s new music video for “Likey” now:

Check out the songs on Twice’s first album “Twicetagram”, too:

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