Twice Recreate Movie Scenes in a Quest to Discover “What is Love?” in New Music Video

Posted on April 12 2018

Twice Recreate Movie Scenes in a Quest to Discover “What is Love?” in New Music Video


Twice are back! On April 9, Twice revealed their new music video for “What is Love?”, the title track of their fifth mini album with the same name. In the video, Twice reenact a selection of romantic movie scenes to find an answer to the big question that’s also the title of their latest single. Twice achieved more than 12.6 million views with their “What is Love?” music video in less than 24 hours, surpassing their previous 24-hour record-breaking 11 million views on “Heart Shaker”.

The new music video for “What is Love?” starts off with Twice having a sleepover, and jumping together on the couch to watch some movies. Twice’s imagination runs wild, presenting a front row view of the members putting themselves in the movie characters’ shoes. Twice have some popcorn and press the remote to watch the next member’s scenes, and wonder what it would be like to experience the kind of romance they’re seeing on screen.

Twice’s new song “What is Love?” is an upbeat electro and bubblegum pop track, the latest in the group’s series of chart-topping pop hits. J.Y. Park added his signature catchy touch to the song, as the composer of Twice’s new single this time around. Twice’s new album “What is Love?” features six new songs: lead single “What is Love?”, “Sweet Talker”, “Ho!”, “Dejavu”, “Say Yes”, and the CD exclusive track “Stuck”.

Twice made their previous comeback last December, with their first album reissue “Merry & Happy”. In the music video for the lead single “Heart Shaker”, Twice get their hearts racing in anticipation as they sync their dance moves with each other all over town. Twice’s excitement never stops, as they finally arrive on the verge of telling their crush the feelings they’ve had for a long time.

Watch Twice’s new music video for “What is Love?” now:

Listen to the songs on Twice’s new album “What is Love?”, too:

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