Twice Keep On Trying to Send the “Signal” in New Music Video

Posted on May 20 2017

Twice Keep On Trying to Send the “Signal” in New Music Video


Twice are back! On May 15, Twice unveiled their new music video for “Signal”, the lead single of their fourth mini album with the same name. In the video, Twice meet an alien who got left behind on Earth and try to cheer him up with their charms, and later end up chasing after him all over the place.

In the music video for “Signal”, Twice are hanging out together in nature, and faint after UFO sounds and colors appear on the scene. Twice later discover that there’s an alien in a suit who’s alone in the room, and reach out to him in lots of funny ways. Twice also get superpowers, and use them to send even more signals to the alien. The alien disappears, and Twice pursue him all over the city and into the forest, while showing their new dance moves along the way.

Twice’s new song “Signal” is an upbeat pop song with lots of synths and bubblegum pop hooks. “Signal” is also the first song of Twice that was produced by J.Y. Park himself, with other composers writing Twice’s previous hit songs. Other songs on the “Signal” album include: “Three Times a Day”, “Only You”, “Hold Me Tight”, “Eye Eye Eyes”, and “Someone Like Me”.

Twice made their previous comeback with “Knock Knock” last February, along with the “Twicecoaster: Lane 2” reissue of their third mini album. In the video for “Knock Knock”, Twice pass the time together at a slumber party while they wait for their special someone, and get a surprise when it turns out to be someone completely unexpected.

Watch Twice’s new music video for “Signal” now:

Check out the songs on Twice’s new mini album “Signal”, too:

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