Twice “Dance The Night Away” on a Dreamy Vacation Island in New Music Video

Posted on July 25 2018

Twice “Dance The Night Away” on a Dreamy Vacation Island in New Music Video

TWICE - Dance The Night Away

Twice are back! On July 9, Twice unveiled their new music video for “Dance The Night Away”, the lead single of their second special album “Summer Nights”. In the video, Twice find themselves on a paradise island, where they spend the night having all sorts of fun together. Twice set a new record of getting more than 20.4 million views with their video for “Dance The Night Away” in less than 24 hours.

The music video for “Dance The Night Away” opens up with Twice waking up on the beach of a mysterious island. Twice start unpacking and exploring the rest of the newly discovered paradise location together. Twice dance on the sandy beach and near the cliff by the sea, play volleyball, and go swimming in the shallow waters. The sun soon sets, and Twice return to camp after a trip to the cave and start dancing all over again.

Twice’s new single “Dance The Night Away” is a dance track that mixes in horns and synths, and celebrates the fun and joy of the summer season. Twice’s new special album “Summer Nights” includes nine new songs: lead single “Dance The Night Away”, “Chillax”, “Shot Thru The Heart”, previous single “What is Love?”, “Sweet Talker”, “Ho!”, “Dejavu”, “Say Yes”, and “Stuck”.

Twice’s previous comeback happened last April, with their fifth mini album “What Is Love?”. In the music video for the lead single, “What Is Love?”, Twice get together in their home for a movie marathon. Twice take turns watching their favorite films, and the scenes on screen inspire them to imagine themselves playing the part of the leading roles to see what love’s really all about.

Check out Twice’s new music video for “Dance The Night Away” now:

Watch Twice’s dance practice video for “Dance The Night Away”:

Listen to the songs on Twice’s new album “Summer Nights”, too:

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