TVXQ Make a Stylish and Fateful Return in “The Chance of Love” Music Video

Posted on 31 March 2018

TVXQ The Chance of Love

TVXQ are back, after almost three years! On March 28, TVXQ unveiled the music video for “Fate (The Chance of Love)”, the first of the two lead singles from their eighth album “New Chapter #1: The Chance of Love”. “The Chance of Love” is TVXQ’s first single together after the duo went on a two year hiatus to complete their military service.

The music video for “The Chance of Love” opens up with TVXQ dancing center stage in the middle of a get-together. The duo split up to put on their own dance show, each with his own crew of backup dancers. TVXQ soon get back rolling together, pulling off slick dance moves one after the other in multiple artful dance sets. TVXQ relax for a moment every now and then, grooving to the beat surrounded by their backup dancers.

TVXQ’s new single “The Chance of Love” is a song from the swing genre, that adds in synths and the duo’s silky mature vocals. TVXQ’s latest album “New Chapter #1: The Chance of Love” features 11 new songs: lead singles “Love Line” and “The Chance of Love”, “Broken”, “Only for You”, U-Know Yunho’s solo “Puzzle”, Max Changmin’s solo “Closer”, “Bounce”, “Wake Me Up”, “Lazybones”, “Without You”, and “Sun & Rain”.

TVXQ made their previous comeback in July 2015 with their special album “Rise as God”, as a gift to fans before the duo left the scene to begin their military service. The album featured two lead singles: Yunho’s catchy party solo track “Champagne” and Changmin’s EDM ballad “Rise as One”. The duo also released solo singles for SM Station last September: Yunho’s solo “Drop” and Changmin’s “In a Different Life”.

Watch TVXQ’s new music video for “The Chance of Love” now:

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