Teen Top Turn Later Tonight into “Seoul Night” in New Music Video

Posted on May 18 2018

Teen Top Turn Later Tonight into “Seoul Night” in New Music Video

TEEN TOP Seoul Night

Teen Top are back! On May 8, Teen Top revealed their new music video for “Seoul Night”, the lead single of their eighth mini album sharing the same name. In the video, Teen Top hang out around Seoul, dancing all day and all night. Teen Top’s video for “Seoul Night” achieved a combined total of 327,000 views on YouTube in less than 24 hours.

The new music video for “Seoul Night” opens up with Teen Top doing their dance moves all around the city and on the rooftop, along with studying and going on a ride downtown. Teen Top later switch things up and become the life of the party, as their backup dancers and lots of other people join them for an all-out dance night.

Teen Top’s new single “Seoul Night” is an exciting future bass track with rhythmic beats and catchy lyrics that can transform any night into an amazingly fun time. Teen Top’s eighth mini album “Seoul Night” features six new songs: “Night!”, lead single “Seoul Night”, “Let’s play!”, “S.O.S”, “Without you”, and “Go away”.

Teen Top made their previous comeback in April 2017, with their second album “High Five”. In the music video for the lead single, “Love Is”, Teen Top try to move on after a particularly heart-wrenching breakup. Pouring all of their emotions into their dance moves, Teen Top wonder if their former lover is having fun and if the love they used to share is still there.

Watch Teen Top’s new music video for “Seoul Night” now:

Listen to the songs on Teen Top’s new album “Seoul Night”, too:

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