Taeyeon Reminisces on Childhood Memories “This Christmas” in New Music Video

Posted on December 13 2017

Taeyeon Reminisces on Childhood Memories “This Christmas” in New Music Video


Taeyeon’s back with a new solo music video! On December 12, Taeyeon unveiled her new music video for “This Christmas”, the lead single of her new winter album “This Christmas – Winter is Coming”. Taeyeon’s “This Christmas” music video achieved more than 1.2 million views in less than 24 hours.

The music video for “This Christmas” opens up with someone getting out of a car surrounded by snow. The scene changes to Taeyeon inside a car, singing softly and gazing out the window. Taeyeon watches as a father and daughter spend lots of time together in the beginning, but grow apart over time. The young girl opens the door and Taeyeon appears outside, singing as the snow falls around her. Once she’s back in the car, Taeyeon later discovers the father by the Christmas tree, always there all along.

Taeyeon’s new single “This Christmas” is a warm ballad that tells the story of one particularly memorable and special Christmas night from seasons past. Taeyeon’s new winter album “This Christmas - Winter is Coming” includes a total of eight songs: “The Magic of Christmas Time”, lead single “This Christmas” and its instrumental, “Let It Snow”, “Candy Cane”, “Christmas Without You”, “Shhhh”, and “I'm All Ears”.

Taeyeon made her previous solo comeback last April, with the release of the Deluxe edition of her first studio album “My Voice”. In the music video for the deluxe album’s lead single, “Make Me Love You”, Taeyeon’s all by herself sitting and walking around in her home and garden, calling out to her special someone and sharing her deepest desires.

Watch Taeyeon’s new music video for “This Christmas” now:

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