Taeyang Calls Out to His “Darling” and Says “Wake Me Up” in New Music Videos

Posted on 23 August 2017

Taeyang Darling Wake Up

Taeyang’s back, after more than three years! On August 16, Taeyang unveiled his new music videos for “Darling” and “Wake Me Up”, the two lead singles of his third full-length album “White Night”. The music videos for both singles were shot in Alaska and Los Angeles, California.

The music video for “Darling” has Taeyang in an embrace with his lover, before she slowly parts ways with him. Taeyang sings from a scenic rooftop spot surrounded by the panoramic skyline of the big city. He doesn’t hold back in letting his voice be heard, as he makes his way through numerous sandstorms, to follow her all the way to the outdoor church in town and beyond.

In the music video for “Wake Me Up”, Taeyang’s by himself in the woods and in his home. With rays of sunlight shining down all over the place, Taeyang eventually makes it out of bed. Still, Taeyang looks like he doesn’t want to wake up from the wonderful dream he’s having, singing about how if there’s nobody else but his lover in his head, he doesn’t want to wake up, inside his house and out in the woods with the bright lights.

“Darling” is an emotional ballad complemented by a heartfelt piano melody, while “Wake Me Up” is an ambient song that dives deep into Taeyang’s dreamy kind of love. Taeyang’s third album “White Night” features a total of eight tracks, including: “White Night”, lead singles “Wake Me Up” and “Darling”, “Ride”, “Amazin’”, “Empty Road”, “Naked”, and “Tonight (Feat. Zico)”.

Taeyang’s previous solo comeback was back in June 2014, with his second album “Rise” that included three lead singles: “Ringa Linga”, “Eyes, Nose, Lips”, and “1AM”. Later that year, G-Dragon and Taeyang joined together to form GD x Taeyang and released “Good Boy”, their first single as a duo.

Watch Taeyang’s new music videos now:


Wake Me Up

Also, check out the “Intro” and the songs on Taeyang’s new album “White Night”:


White Night

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