T-ara Are Back with Winter-Themed “Tiamo” Music Video

Posted on November 11 2016

T-ara Are Back with Winter-Themed “Tiamo” Music Video


T-ara are joining the November comeback craze this week! On November 9, T-ara released their music video for “Tiamo”, from their latest five-track album “Remember”.- their 12th mini album overall. The name of their new song comes from the Italian word for “I Love You”.

T-ara’s new song “Tiamo” is a soft and mid-tempo pop ballad track, perfect for the coming winter season. T-ara decided to make their return to the stage showing off their stunning and amazing vocals this time around – like in “Day by Day” and “Because I Know” - rather than their catchy and high-energy dance tracks, like “Sexy Love” and last year’s “So Crazy”,

T-ara’s new “Tiamo” music video blends breathtaking outdoor scenery, recalling their epic music video teasers for “No.9” that were filmed in the deserts of Mongolia – with  the signs of winter, romantic scenes, and heart-warming moments of falling snow, reminiscent of the music video for their 2013 winter ballad “Hide & Seek”. This time, T-ara expand on the winter setting even more – with their warm and soft vocals, and their red, beige, and white Christmas-themed outfits.

T-ara are very known for their long streak of chart-topping hit songs, that are still K-pop staples today: “Roly-Poly”, “Lovey-Dovey”, “Bo Peep Bo Peep”, and many other catchy hits. In 2013, T-ara reformed into their original six-member lineup and came back stronger than ever, releasing another series of songs that stayed true to their core sound:No.9”, “Hide & Seek”, “Do You Know Me?”, “Sugar Free”, “Little Apple”, and “So Crazy”, and this week, “Tiamo”.

Watch T-ara’s music video for “Tiamo” now:

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