Sistar Feel a Little “Lonely” Saying Farewell on Their Last Trip in Final Music Video

Posted on June 10 2017

Sistar Feel a Little “Lonely” Saying Farewell on Their Last Trip in Final Music Video


Sistar’s back, for the last time. On May 31, Sistar unveiled the music video for their final single “Lonely”, following their special farewell video “Thank you, Good-bye Sistar”. In the video, Sistar go on their last trip together in Macau, saying good-bye to the fans and everyone toward the end.

The music video for “Lonely” opens up with the four members of Sistar alone in Macau, meeting up later on to explore the city, taking breaks to play and have fun throughout their stay at a luxury hotel. Sistar visit a church, go on a drive and admire the view, enjoy relaxing in the pool, see lots of places together when the Sun is up and later on at night, go to the beach, and more.

Sistar’s “Lonely” is an acoustic electro-pop song with a mellow vibe and synths, paired with one more track, “For You”, dedicated to their fans, Star1. Over their seven-year career, Sistar released two studio albums: “So Cool” and “Give It to Me”; as well as six mini albums: “Alone“, “Loving U”, “Touch N Move”, “Sweet and Sour”, “Shake It”, and “Insane Love”.

Sistar debuted back in June 2010 with Starship Entertainment, with their first single “Push Push”. Sistar starred with Super Junior’s Heechul in their next music video “Shady Girl”, and really took off and rose to the top with “So Cool” and “Alone”. With the release of “Loving U”, Sistar set off their series of catchy, signature summer singles: “Give It to Me”, “Touch My Body”, “I Swear”, “Shake It”, and “I Like That”.

The four members of Sistar are currently performing “Lonely” and “For You” on the weekly TV music shows, as they discuss whether they will stay on with Starship, the record label they grew together with, or move to another agency. Bora and Dasom will reportedly focus on their acting careers, while Hyolyn and Soyou will continue promoting as solo artists.

Check out Sistar’s music video for “Lonely” now:

Watch Starship’s special clip “Thank you, Good-bye Sistar”:

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