SHINee Want to Know in “Tell Me What to Do” Music Video

Posted on November 18 2016

SHINee Want to Know in “Tell Me What to Do” Music Video


SHINee’s back! On November 15, SHINee revealed their new music video for “Tell Me What to Do” - the lead single of their refreshing repackage for their fifth album, “1 of 1”. SHINee take their fans and viewers back to the present decade, following their whizzing them off on a retro 90’s adventure last time with the music video for “1 of 1”, released only last month. The music video and the lyrics for “Tell Me What to Do”, on their own, each show two different kinds of relationships – a love triangle between long time friends, and a long-term relationship that grows ever more distant.

The music video for “Tell Me What to Do” opens with Taemin going all out with his vocals, looking on intensely and singing at the same time. Minho then enters the scene, an empty apartment block, and goes up to a girl and starts talking with her. The situation then turns into a love triangle, as Taemin also happens to be interested in the lead actress. Jonghyun, Key, and Onew then jump in to try to stop things from getting worse, as Minho and Taemin continue to fight each other over the girl until the end.

SHINee’s latest song “Tell Me What to Do” is a mid-tempo pop ballad that uniquely blends in catchy bits from R&B and EDM. The five iconic members of SHINee turn the dialogue of a conversation into something resembling the lyrics of a song. SHINee sing about the many hard times that couples who are together in a long-term relationship  feel and go through – when they grow more and more distant from each other over time.

SHINee made their previous comeback with the release of the original album for “1 of 1”, on October 5, which included nine new songs. The music video sharing the same name was also unveiled on the same day. The week before, all five members posted short clips of themselves talking about their favorite song from the album on Instagram. The repackage of “1 of 1” released this week adds five new songs to the original track list, and one more music video for “Tell Me What to Do”.

Watch SHINee’s new music video for “Tell Me What to Do” now:

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