SHINee Talk About All the “Countless” Little Steps They’ve Taken in Their Relationship in New Music Video

Posted on September 16 2018

SHINee Talk About All the “Countless” Little Steps They’ve Taken in Their Relationship in New Music Video

SHINee - Countless

SHINee’s back! On September 10, SHINee revealed their new music video for “Countless”, the lead single of their sixth album repackage “The Story of Light: Epilogue”. In the video, SHINee reminisce on the countless moments that ended up with them being in love with their special someone. SHINee achieved more than 1.7 million views with their new video for “Countless” in less than 24 hours.

The music video for “Countless” opens up with SHINee putting a disc in the record player and having a get-together at one of their artsy hangouts. SHINee are doing their own thing: talking on the phone, reading a book, and enjoying the vibe of the place they’re at. SHINee later join up back-to-back to sing in unison, recounting the memories of their relationship and the reasons why they ended up together with their lover.

SHINee’s new single “Countless” blends the members’ smooth vocals with beats from R&B and tropical house. SHINee’s new repackaged album “The Story of Light: Epilogue” features 16 tracks, including all 15 songs of their original The Story of Light trilogy: “All Day All Night”, lead single “Countless”, “Good Evening”, “Chemistry”, “Electric”, “Who Waits for Love”, “Our Page”, “I Say”, “Retro”, “Drive”, “I Want You”, “Undercover”, “JUMP”, “Tonight”, “You & I”, and “Lock You Down”.

SHINee made their previous comeback last June with “The Story of Light EP.3”, the final album from the group’s original three-part The Story of Light series. In the music video for the lead single “Our Page”, SHINee look back on their 10 year journey that can fill a page several times over: when they were recording in the studio, exercising at the gym, practicing their dance moves when it was just them in the room, shooting music videos, and more.

Watch SHINee’s new music video for “Countless” now:

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