SHINee Serenely Greet the World “Good Evening” in New Music Video

Posted on June 06 2018

SHINee Serenely Greet the World “Good Evening” in New Music Video

SHINee Good Evening

SHINee are back! On May 28, SHINee unveiled their new music video for “Good Evening”, the lead single of the first part of their sixth album “The Story of Light”. SHINee’s sixth album will be released in three parts over the next four weeks. SHINee’s latest comeback celebrates their 10th anniversary and remembers their fellow member Jonghyun, who passed away last December.

The “Good Evening” music video starts off with SHINee in a studio with all eyes on them, and the group hanging out in a messy set out in the woods. SHINee also dance with a crew of backup dancers out in a closed-off space in the forest. SHINee appear to be trapped in a remote part of the area, but soon escape and dash past the trees, basking in the sunlight and enjoying the openness of their new environment.

SHINee’s new single “Good Evening” blends R&B and electro with 90’s pop-sounding beats. The first installment of SHINee’s three-part sixth album “The Story of Light” features five new songs: “All Day All Night”, lead single “Good Evening”, “Undercover”, “JUMP”, and “You & I”.

SHINee made their previous comeback in November 2016, with the release of their fifth album repackage “1 and 1”. In the music video for the lead single “Tell Me What to Do”, SHINee bring a girl along with them whenever they get together as friends. Later on, SHINee develop feelings for her, and end up fighting with each other to win over her affections.

Check out SHINee’s new music video for “Good Evening” now:

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