Seventeen Say “Oh My!” to All the Amazing Sights Around Them in New Music Video

Posted on July 25 2018

Seventeen Say “Oh My!” to All the Amazing Sights Around Them in New Music Video


Seventeen are back! On July 16, Seventeen revealed their new music video for “Oh My!”, the lead single of their fifth mini album “You Make My Day”. In the video, Seventeen end up going on a sudden vacation that’s packed with lots of unexpected twists and surprises. Seventeen achieved more than 4.7 million views with their new video for “Oh My!” in less than 18 hours.

The music video for “Oh My!” starts off with Seventeen catching up on some sleep, before waking up a little while later. Seventeen fly towards the ceiling, reach all the way up to the clouds, and discover an island resort. Seventeen present their new dance moves all over the place, while bouncing back and forth between a pillow fight in their room, dancing in the sky, and watching the fireworks from their summer hangout.

Seventeen’s new single “Oh My!” is a fun-filled dance track that mixes in funk and synths. Seventeen’s fifth mini album “You Make My Day” includes six new tracks: lead single “Oh My!”, “Holiday”, “Come to Me” by the Vocal Team, the Hiphop Team’s “What’s Good”, “Moonwalker” from the Performance Team, and “Our Dawn is Hotter than Day”.

Seventeen made their previous comeback last February, with their first special album “Director’s Cut”. In the music video for the lead single “Thanks”, Seventeen are asleep on the bus taking them to their next schedule. Seventeen record their songs, practice dance moves in the studio, and check out their outfits in the dressing room, while singing their gratitude and appreciation for all their fans and supporters.

Watch Seventeen’s new music video for “Oh My!” now:

Listen to the songs on Seventeen’s new mini album “You Make My Day”, too:

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