Seventeen’s Performance Team Reveals Surprise New Music Video for “Highlight”

Posted on January 10 2017

Seventeen’s Performance Team Reveals Surprise New Music Video for “Highlight”


Seventeen is back with a surprise! On January 1, Seventeen revealed their new music video for “Highlight”, the Performance Team’s song off the group’s third mini album “Going Seventeen”. Hoshi, Dino, Jun, and The8 form Seventeen’s Performance Team – in the video, the four dances show off their moves in a wide open room both solo and as a team.

In the music video for “Highlight”, also a choreography video from Seventeen’s Performance Team, Hoshi, Dino, Jun and The8 dance their hearts out and they do so very artfully – their choreography is always on-point and is smoothly executed from start to finish. The four members keep on dancing even as the lights in the room switch between dim and bright – they also each get their own solo shots. All four members helped write the lyrics for the song.

Three songs on Seventeen’s mini album “Going Seventeen” were performed by the whole group – lead single “Boom Boom”, “Quick Pace”, and “Smile Flower”. The Mix Unit performed two songs, “Beautiful” and “Well”. The Performance Team gave “Highlight”, the Hip Hop Team “Lean On Me”, and the Vocal Team sang “Don’t Listen in Secret”.

Seventeen made their latest comeback only last month, with their comeback music video for “Boom Boom” and their third mini album “Going Seventeen” released on December 5. “Highlight” is the fourth surprise music video that Seventeen recently released – last year, Seventeen gifted fans with special music videos for “Love Letter”, a rooftop version of “Very Nice”, and “Healing”.

Watch the Seventeen Performance Team’s new music video for “Highlight” now:

Check out the other teams and the songs from the album:

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