Seventeen Go on a Mission in “Boom Boom” Music Video

Posted on December 16 2016

Seventeen Go on a Mission in “Boom Boom” Music Video


Seventeen are back again – for their fourth comeback this year! On December 5, Seventeen unveiled their new music video for “Boom Boom” - where the members go on a mission and attempt to escape before a bomb goes off. “Boom Boom” is the lead single of Seventeen’s third mini album “Going Seventeen”.

In the music video for “Boom Boom”, the Seventeen members sneak inside a building through an underground corridor, and quickly split up to carry out their mission. Seventeen take over the control room, avoid setting off bomb traps, dodge laser sensors, and more. Later, the Seventeen members notice that one of them accidentally activated a bomb, and they then try to escape before it explodes.

Boom Boom” is a song that features Seventeen’s signature vocals and their latest fast-paced choreography. Seventeen’s new mini album “Going Seventeen” features seven fresh songs: “Beautiful” by the Mix Unit, the lead single “Boom Boom”, “Highlight” by the Performance Team, “Lean On Me” by the Hip Hop Team, “Quick Pace”, “Don’t Listen in Secret” by the Vocal Team, “Well”, another song from the Mix Unit, and “Laughter”.

Seventeen have been really active this year, with three full comebacks as of this week. Back in April, Seventeen released their first ever full album “Love & Letter”, alongside the music video for “Pretty U”. Seventeen next revealed the repackage for “Love & Letter”, along with the music video for “Very Nice” - and later dropped a surprise music video for “Healing”. Seventeen’s Hip Hop Team also released their first ever mixtape as another surprise last November, together with a music video for “Check-In”.

Check out Seventeen’s music video for “Boom Boom” now:

Have a listen of the songs on Seventeen’s new album “Going Seventeen”:

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