Seventeen Amp Things Up with a “Clap” of Their Hands in New Music Video

Posted on November 07 2017

Seventeen Amp Things Up with a “Clap” of Their Hands in New Music Video


Seventeen’s back! On November 6, Seventeen revealed their new music video for “Clap”, the lead single of their second studio album “Teen, Age”. Seventeen surpassed more than 2.3 million views with their new music video for “Clap” in less than 24 hours.

The music video for “Clap” starts off with Seventeen going inside a booth, before it gets struck by lightning. Once they’re in, Seventeen film a music video inside a music video. Seventeen set up the cameras, move props around, paint the walls of the set, and even edit the scenes of their video. Seventeen also perform their hard-hitting choreography, featuring their new signature dance move, the powerful clap of the hands, inside the studio and on set.

Seventeen’s new single “Clap” blends pop and rock with clap of the hands-like beats. Seventeen’s second album “Teen, Age” includes 13 new songs: “Intro. (New World)”, “Change Up”, “Without You”, lead single “Clap”, “Bring It”, “Lilili Yabbay”, “Trauma”, “Pinwheel”, “Flower”, “Rocket”, “Hello”, “Campfire”, and “Outro. (Incompletion)”.

Seventeen made their previous comeback last May, with their fourth mini album “Al1”. The music video for lead single “Don't Wanna Cry” opens up with Seventeen together with their lover. The scene changes to Seventeen dancing on the rooftop, in the desert, and on the beach, and solo shots of the members walking on their own in the city.

Check out Seventeen’s new music video for “Clap” now:

Listen to the songs on Seventeen’s new album “Teen, Age”:

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