Seungri Counts Down to Each Special Moment in “1,2,3!” Music Video

Posted on July 27 2018

Seungri Counts Down to Each Special Moment in “1,2,3!” Music Video

Seungri 1-2-3

Seungri is back as a solo artist, after almost five years! On July 20, Seungri unveiled his new music video for “1,2,3!”, the lead single of his first ever full album “The Great Seungri”. In the video, Seungri puts on a huge show on the spot and gets his crew together for a series of dance-offs, after spotting and chasing after a girl who gets him interested.

The music video for “1,2,3!” starts off with Seungri standing by a jukebox, and a girl passing by catches his eye. Seungri walks backstage, where his crew joins up with him and everyone starts dancing. Seungri sees the girl again and dances as a duo with her, before she suddenly leaves. Seungri brings the dance-off in front of the stage, where the girl goes up to him at the end of the show. Seungri then realizes it was his imagination all along.

Seungri’s new single “1,2,3!” is a pop rock dance track featuring a retro ‘50s vibe, with clapping sounds and guitar riffs to set the rhythm. Seungri’s first full album “The Great Seungri” includes nine new tracks: lead single “1,2,3!”, “Where R U From (feat. MINO)”, “Love is You (feat. Blue.D)”, “Mollado (feat. B.I)”, “Sweet Lie (feat. DANNIC)”, “Be Friend”, “Hotline”, “Alone”, and “Good Luck To You”.

Seungri’s previous solo comeback happened in August 2013, with the release of his second mini album “Let’s Talk About Love”. In the music video for the lead single “Gotta Talk To U”, Seungri’s back in his high rise suite, watching his lover on the other side. Seungri’s got something to tell her, but in the mean time, he’s dancing with his crew in his place and reminiscing on the times he and her were talking together.

Check out Seungri’s new music video for “1,2,3!” now:

Listen to the songs on Seungri’s new album “The Great Seungri”, too:

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