Red Velvet Turn Their Ride into a Sing-Along in “I Just” Music Video

Posted on 07 March 2018


Red Velvet’s back! On February 28, Red Velvet revealed their new music video for “I Just”, one of the tracks from “The Perfect Red Velvet”, the reissue of their second album. In the video, Red Velvet sing the chill album track on their way to their next stop, and record the spontaneous fun time they’ve having using a phone camera.

The smartphone shot-like music video for “I Just” starts off with an airplane’s window-side view, before the camera focuses on Red Velvet in a van passing by the shops downtown. Red Velvet sing inside their ride, posing for the camera as they drop their solo lines, and just have an overall happy trip to their next destination together.

With their album track “I Just”, Red Velvet explore the future bass genre. The group add in an electro-pop beat and synths to complement their vocals, for a smooth and easygoing song that stays true to Red Velvet’s signature sound. “I Just” was first released as part of Red Velvet’s second album “Perfect Velvet”, and was included again on the album’s reissue, “The Perfect Red Velvet”.

Red Velvet made their previous comeback last January with “The Perfect Red Velvet”, the reissue of their second full album. In the music video for the lead single, “Bad Boy”,  Red Velvet call out their love interest, daring him to come closer while telling him to not be so easy to win over at the same time.

Watch Red Velvet’s new music video for “I Just” now:

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