Red Velvet Spice Up This Summer with a “Red Flavor” in New Music Video

Posted on 16 July 2017


Red Velvet’s back! On July 9, Red Velvet revealed their new music video for “Red Flavor”, the lead single of their fifth mini album “The Red Summer”. In the video, Red Velvet celebrate the summer season with lots of fruit everywhere. The “Red Flavor” music video achieved more than 5 million views in less than 24 hours.

The music video for “Red Flavor” opens up with Red Velvet taking down notes as they observe giant versions of popular fruits. Red Velvet dance with fruits hovering all around them, and hang out in a summer home that’s loaded with plants outside. Red Velvet later on mix some drinks with fruit, and soon have even more fun as a party gets started.

The group’s latest single “Red Flavor” is an electro-pop song, featuring Red Velvet’s signature sound with percussion and synths. Red Velvet’s new mini album “The Red Summer” includes a total of five songs: lead single “Red Flavor”, “You Better Know”, “Zoo”, “Mojito (Summer Light)”, and “Hear the Sea”.

Red Velvet made their previous comeback last February with “Rookie”, off their fourth mini album with the same name. In the video, a mascot puts on a show with Red Velvet, where they discover a colorful new world on the other side, go on lots of adventures, and complete their journey on the stage, as they close the show on a high note.

Watch Red Velvet’s new music video for “Red Flavor” now:

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