Red Velvet Go Places in New “Rookie” Music Video

Posted on February 09 2017

Red Velvet Go Places in New “Rookie” Music Video


Red Velvet is back! On February 1, Red Velvet revealed their new music video for “Rookie”, together with their similarly titled fourth mini album. In the video, Red Velvet are “Rookie” stage performers practicing for a play, soon exploring several wonderland-like places as they search for a mascot. Red Velvet also present their most complicated choreography to date, in between chasing the mascot and dancing on several sets.

In their music video for “Rookie”, Red Velvet see that a person dressed like a mascot is in their room, who escapes before they can catch him. They pull out lots of clothes from their closet, and start chasing him down. Red Velvet discover a colorful world on the other side, jump down a tunnel that looks like a rabbit hole, and explore rolling green hills. Red Velvet and the mascot later dance together on stage.

Red Velvet’s new single “Rookie” is a song that blends pop, funk, synths, and the group’s trademark sugary vocals. Red Velvet’s new mini album features six new songs in total – lead single “Rookie”, “Little Little”, “Happily Ever After”, “Talk to Me”, “Body Talk” -  and the last track, “Last Love”, is Wendy’s solo track. The lead vocalist of Red Velvet has sung several solo ballads for drama OST’s and other projects.

Red Velvet made their previous comeback last September with “Russian Roulette”. SM’s rising rookie girl group are known for their quirky and distinct concepts, like “Ice Cream Cake”, “Dumb Dumb”, and the new “Rookie”- as well as their strong vocals in their songs like “One of These Nights”, “Be Natural”, “Automatic”, and their winter holiday themed “Wish Tree”.

Check out Red Velvet’s new “Rookie” MV now:

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