Monsta X Try Out Lots of Things Like “Newton” On Their Summer Trip in New Music Video

Posted on July 30 2017

Monsta X Try Out Lots of Things Like “Newton” On Their Summer Trip in New Music Video

Monsta X - NEWTON

Monsta X just made their second comeback this summer alone! On July 27, Monsta X unveiled the new music video for their latest single “Newton”. In the video, Monsta X set out on an exciting summer adventure, going on rides on both land and sea and doing all kinds of fun and interesting stuff on the way.

In the “Newton” music video, Monsta X look out into nature and take in the vast scenery, before hitting the road in their van, playing games and taking snapshots of all the moments happening inside. Monsta X take the party outside after parking their ride, keeping up the playful fun they’re having as they dance around and set things up.

Later on, Monsta X also head out to the nearby waters, for a refreshing ride on the waves with jet skis. Monsta X continue camping when nighttime comes, admiring the stars through their telescopes with the help of books on hand. Monsta X’s new single “Newton” blends their own signature vocals and sound with techno and EDM.

Monsta X made their first comeback this summer season with “Shine Forever”, where they also go on a road trip, to explore several natural landscapes in their search for a special kind of light. “Newton” marks Monsta X’s third comeback this year alone, after opening the year with “Beautiful” earlier last March and “Shine Forever” last June.

Watch Monsta X’s new music video for “Newton” now:

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