Monsta X “Shine Forever” Together in New Music Video

Posted on June 24 2017

Monsta X “Shine Forever” Together in New Music Video

Monsta X Shine Forever

Monsta X are back! On June 19, Monsta X revealed their new music video for “Shine Forever”, the lead single of the repackage of their first album, “The Clan Pt. 2.5: The Final Chapter”. Monsta X go traveling to Jeju Island in their latest music video, that achieved more than half a million views on YouTube in less than three hours.

In the music video for “Shine Forever”, Monsta X go on a road trip together, and soon split up to go exploring on their own. Each member finds a faint light in various natural landscapes, after all kinds of adventures searching for it. Monsta X finally reunite later on, and it’s only when they’re all together, that they finally find all the shining lights.

“Shine Forever” is a hip-hop dance track, that’s loaded with bass and Monsta X’s powerful vocals. The message of the song, Monsta X shared, is “we will always make you shine”. Monsta X’s new repackage adds two new songs, “Shine Forever” and “Gravity”, to the original album, for an updated track list of twelve songs.

Monsta X made their previous comeback last March with “Beautiful”, the final installment of the group’s “The Clan” trilogy. Monsta X’s singles “All In” and “Fighter”, released earlier last year, are the first two parts of the series.

Check out Monsta X’s new music video for “Shine Forever” now:

Also, listen to the songs on Monsta X’s first ever album repackage:

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