Monsta X Can’t Hide Their “Jealousy” Anymore in New Music Video

Posted on March 31 2018

Monsta X Can’t Hide Their “Jealousy” Anymore in New Music Video

Monsta X - Jealousy

Monsta X are back! On March 26, Monsta X revealed their new music video for “Jealousy”, the lead single of their sixth mini album “The Connect: Dejavu”. Monsta X achieved more than 1.4 million views with their new “Jealousy” music video in less than 24 hours.

In their new music video for “Jealousy”, Monsta X ride motorcycles, admire classical paintings, and have a drink in the bar. Monsta X read a message and try to write a reply, only to experience pain when they start to feel jealous, and soon end up facing off with each other. Monsta X present their latest epic and highly personal choreography in black and white, and in a bright and lit dance set.

Monsta X’s new single “Jealousy” is an intense dance track that blends in R&B and synths, combined with the group’s signature powerful hip-hop sound and smooth rap breaks. Monsta X’s new mini album “The Connect: Dejavu” includes seven new songs: lead single "Jealousy”, “Destroyer”, “Fallin’”, “Crazy in Love”, “Lost in the Dream”, “If Only”, and “Special”.

Monsta X made their previous comeback last November, with their fifth mini album “The Code”. In the music video for the lead single, “Dramarama”, Monsta X suffer from losing one of their own in a fatal car crash, but receive a watch soon after the incident that allows them to travel back in time. Monsta X hurry to stop the tragedy with what they know from the future, and relive everything that happened before the accident.

Check out Monsta X’s new music video for “Jealousy” now:

Listen to the songs on Monsta X’s new album “The Connect”, too:

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