Mamamoo Rediscover Nature Together in New Music Videos for “Star Wind Flower Sun” and “Starry Night”

Posted on March 16 2018

Mamamoo Rediscover Nature Together in New Music Videos for “Star Wind Flower Sun” and “Starry Night”

MAMAMOO Star Wind Flower Sun and Starry Night

Mamamoo are back! On March 7, Mamamoo revealed their new music videos for “Star Wind Flower Sun” and “Starry Night”, the two lead singles of their sixth mini album “Yellow Flower”. The “Star Wind Flower Sun” video surpassed a combined total of 653,000 views on YouTube in less than 24 hours, while the video for “Starry Night” achieved more than 1.2 million views in less than 12 hours.

The music video for “Star Wind Flower Sun” opens up with Mamamoo recording by the beach, before heading downtown and singing near the hills and fields. In the “Starry Night” music video, Mamamoo go for a drive down a country road before going into dance mode, presenting their new moves together and solo in several scenic spots in nature, by the sea, and in the city. Both music videos were shot in New Zealand.

“Star Wind Flower Sun” is a song dedicated to everyone who’s been there for Mamamoo over the years, while “Starry Night” is an electro house track that blends in guitar riffs and Latin beats. Mamamoo’s new mini album “Yellow Flower” includes seven songs: “From Winter to Spring (Intro)”, lead singles “Star Wind Flower Sun” and “Starry Night”, Hwasa’s solo “Be Calm”, “Rude Boy”, “Spring Fever”, and previous single “Paint Me”.

Mamamoo made their previous comeback last January, with the release of their single “Paint Me”. In the music video, Mamamoo connect the times they spent with a former lover and the emotions they experienced back then, to a series of colors that visually repaints their outfits, the background, and the objects around them.

Check out Mamamoo’s new music videos now:

Star Wind Flower Sun

Starry Night

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