Mamamoo Envision the Colors That Touched Their Lives in “Paint Me” Music Video

Posted on January 14 2018

Mamamoo Envision the Colors That Touched Their Lives in “Paint Me” Music Video


Mamamoo’s back! On January 4, Mamamoo unveiled the new music video for their latest single, titled “Paint Me”. In the video, Mamamoo sing a heartfelt ballad as the four colors swirl and the scenery changes around them. Mamamoo achieved a combined total of more than 1.3 million views with their “Paint Me” music video in less than 24 hours.

“Paint Me” tells the story of Mamamoo and their special someone. The first background color, white, likens the time before they met to a blank canvas. The second color, yellow, describes the warmth in Mamamoo’s heart after their fateful meeting. Red is the third color, with Mamamoo’s love becoming passionate and intense. The final color, blue, depicts the first time Mamamoo were brought to tears because of their lover.

Mamamoo’s new single “Paint Me” is a deeply moving pop ballad complemented by the piano, the sound of the strings, and the four members’ powerful and emotional vocals. Mamamoo are exploring a more soulful musical direction with their latest song, following their previous R&B, jazz, funk, and retro chart-topping hits.

Mamamoo’s last comeback happened in June of last year, with their fifth mini album “Purple”. In the music video for the lead single, “Yes I Am”, Mamamoo sing about the importance of believing in yourself, while trying out lots of new things with their choreography, their exercise routine, their outfits, and more.

Check out Mamamoo’s new music video for “Paint Me” now:

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