Mamamoo Become Like a “Wind Flower” in the Midst of the Big City in New Music Video

Posted on December 02 2018

Mamamoo Become Like a “Wind Flower” in the Midst of the Big City in New Music Video

Mamamoo’s back! On November 29, Mamamoo revealed their new music video for “Wind Flower”, the lead single of their eighth mini album “BLUE;S”. In the video, Mamamoo are feeling down in the wake of parting ways with their lover, and start cheering up after meeting up with each other downtown.

The music video for “Wind Flower” opens up with Mamamoo waking up to get a tape playing their song. Mamamoo are alone at first, letting the memories pass their mind and trying to think about something else, as they stay at home and go out to check out the city. Mamamoo later catch a cab and see each other again, and spend the rest of the night pouring drinks and lifting each other’s spirits up.

Mamamoo’s new single “Wind Flower” blends in funk and jazz with a pop-rock beat, with the members singing about those times when someone’s trying to move on after a breakup. Mamamoo’s eighth mini album “BLUE;S” features six new tracks: “Intro”, “No More Drama”, lead single “Wind Flower”, Solar’s solo “Hello”, “Better Than I Thought”, and “Morning”.

Mamamoo made their previous comeback last July, with their seventh mini album “Red Moon”. In the music video for the lead single “Egotistic”, Mamamoo shed a few tears and hang around a man playing a guitar, before going away on their own with their thoughts. Mamamoo soon get back together after getting over their former lover, and spend the night shrugging and dancing their passion and emotions away.

Check out Mamamoo’s new music video for “Wind Flower” now:

Listen to the songs on Mamamoo’s new mini album “BLUE;S”, too:

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