Jessica Reminisces on a Relationship That Went Like a “Summer Storm” in New Music Video

Posted on August 11 2017

Jessica Reminisces on a Relationship That Went Like a “Summer Storm” in New Music Video


Jessica’s back! On August 9, Jessica unveiled her new music video for “Summer Storm”, the lead single of her third mini album “My Decade”. Jessica’s celebrating the 10th anniversary of her debut in the music industry with this comeback. Jessica’s latest music video achieved more than 1 million views in less than 24 hours.

The music video for “Summer Storm” opens up with Jessica spending some time in her living room, where the memories soon come flooding back. Jessica relives all the times spent with her former lover, then comes back to the present, before going back to fondly remember the moments all over again. The seasons also change with how the relationship’s going. The day the two met for the first time is also revealed later on.

Jessica’s “Summer Storm” single is a ballad retelling the love story that began on a rainy day, and the saddening breakup that followed after. The mini album “My Decade” features a total of six songs: lead single “Summer Storm”, “Beautiful Mind”, “Saturday Night”, “Love U”, “Starry Night”, and her previous single “It’s Spring”.

Jessica’s previous comeback was last April, celebrating her birthday with her ballad single “It’s Spring”. In the video, Jessica’s at a fancy home, exploring the classy rooms inside and the fine garden outside. The video also shares an inside look into what goes on behind the scenes, before Jessica goes on stage and appears on set.

Check out Jessica’s new music video for “Summer Storm” now:

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