IU Retells and Relives a “Last Night Story” From Way Back in New Music Video

Posted on September 24 2017

IU Retells and Relives a “Last Night Story” From Way Back in New Music Video

iu Last Night Story

IU’s back! On September 22, IU revealed her new music video for “Last Night Story”, the lead single of her second cover album “Flower Bookmark 2”. IU’s latest album is the sequel to “Flower Bookmark”, her first ever cover album that also celebrated the singer’s birthday back in May 2014.

The music video for “Last Night Story” opens up with IU stumbling a little as she walks back to her living room after a long night. IU recalls the party that went on last night, complete with disco ball, and how her friends had fun and danced while she just had a couple drinks. After her friends go home, IU finds her groove and starts dancing with her own crew, and checks out her moves with the help of a small retro TV.

IU’s new single is a remake of SoBangCha’s classic hit, also titled “Last Night Story”. IU’s second cover album “Flower Bookmark 2” features a total of 6 songs, all covers of select classics: “Autumn Morning”, “Secret Flower Garden”, “Sleepless rainy night”, lead single “Last Night Story”, “By the Stream”, and “Everyday With You”.

IU made her previous comeback last April with her fourth album, “Palette”. The album featured three lead singles: “Through the Night”, a solo ballad; “Palette”, IU and G-Dragon’s collab single with lyrics that the two wrote together; and “Ending Scene”, starring IU and actor Kim Soohyun as the lead couple in the single’s music video.

Check out IU’s new music video for her cover of “Last Night Story” now:

Compare IU’s cover of “Last Night Story” to the original classic:

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