iKON Still Feel the Hurt from a Past Breakup in “Killing Me” Music Video

Posted on August 20 2018

iKON Still Feel the Hurt from a Past Breakup in “Killing Me” Music Video

iKON Killing Me

iKON are back! On August 2, iKON unveiled their new music video for “Killing Me”, the lead single of their first mini album “New Kids: Continue”. In the video, iKON rediscover traces left behind from a previous relationship, causing them to deeply regret what they did that led to them and their past lover to go their separate ways. iKON’s new “Killing Me” video achieved more than 5.3 million views in less than 24 hours.

The music video for “Killing Me” opens up with a flame being lit and a motorcycle getting away. iKON begin pulling off their new moves in a dark place with ever-changing lights, and moments later, the post-breakup memories start coming up. iKON painfully remember the days after their relationship with their special someone came to an end, when they were stuck and unable to forget everything they shared together.

iKON’s new single “Killing Me” is a dance track that blends in synths, pained yet powerful rap breaks, and a steady yet hard-hitting beat. In the lyrics, iKON reminisce about a past lover who still emotionally affects them to this day. iKON’s new mini album “New Kids: Continue” features a total of five new tracks: lead single “Killing Me”, “Freedom”, “Only You”, “Cocktail”, and “Just For You”.

iKON’s previous comeback happened last January with their second full album “Return”. In the music video for the lead single “Love Scenario”, iKON are also going through a breakup, but this time they’re not so hung up about it. iKON still have that relationship in mind, while they go about their day cheerful and laid back, dancing and chilling all over town.

Check out iKON’s new music video for “Killing Me” now:

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