iKon Shows Off Some “Bling Bling” and Celebrate Like It’s Their “B-Day” in New Music Videos

Posted on May 28 2017

iKon Shows Off Some “Bling Bling” and Celebrate Like It’s Their “B-Day” in New Music Videos


iKon is back! On May 22, iKon unveiled two new music videos for “Bling Bling” and “B-Day”, the two tracks off their latest single “New Kids: Begin”. In the video for “Bling Bling”, iKon live it up and party hard. In “B-Day”, iKon get drawn to another world. “Bling Bling” and “B-Day” each achieved 2 million views within just 12 hours.

The music video for “Bling Bling” opens up with iKon showing their new moves in a futuristic dance set. iKon join up with their backup dancers, hang out in the back of a truck, and get real intense while they’re at a party. In the “B-Day” video, iKon get transported to what looks like another world, dance while surrounded by jungle and temples, turn into bees, and end up at another party later on.

“New Kids: Begin” is the first single release of iKon’s new comeback series for 2017 titled “New Kids”. “Bling Bling” is a full-on hip-hop track, with lyrics that are all about iKon’s success in the business, while “B-Day” is an upbeat and energetic dance track that blends in electro-pop and rock.

iKon made their previous comeback in May 2016 with “#WYD (What You Doing)”, a single that was revealed by a surprise “YG: Who’s Next?” announcement. In the video, iKon share their more chill and relaxed side, as they go on dates with their special someone in the park, on campus, and more places.

Watch iKon’s new double music videos now:

Bling Bling


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