Highlight Take Some Time Out for “Calling You” in New Music Video

Posted on June 03 2017

Highlight Take Some Time Out for “Calling You” in New Music Video


Highlight’s back! On May 29, the boy group formerly known as Beast (B2ST) unveiled their new music video for “Calling You”, the lead single of their new album repackage with the same name. In the video, Highlight are out in town with friends, while looking like they can’t stop thinking about their loved one who’s not with them tonight.

The music video for “Calling You” opens up with Highlight rushing to make a call to their special someone from inside a phone booth, while they’re hanging out at a cool outdoor dining spot. Highlight get some fresh air on a solo walk, go on a date where it’s just them and the girl, and more. Later on, everyone dances along, Highlight share an intimate moment with their loved one, and Highlight reunite just like long-time friends.

Calling You” is a chill song with a catchy tune, with the lyrics sharing how Highlight call their special someone both on the phone and from their heart. Other songs on Highlight’s new “Calling You” repackaged album include previous single “Plz Don’t Be Sad”, “It’s Still Beautiful”, “The Beginning”, “Dangerous”, and “Can You Feel It?”.

Highlight made their debut last March after parting ways with Cube, with their previous mini album “Can You Feel It?”, lead single “Plz Don’t Be Sad”. With their former label retaining the rights to the Beast brand, the five members of B2ST formed their own agency, Around Us Entertainment, and made a fresh start with their new name, Highlight.

Watch Highlight’s new music video for “Calling You” now:

Check out the teaser videos where Highlight are literally “Calling You”, too:






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