Gugudan Playfully Dress Up in “A Girl Like Me” Music Video

Posted on March 05 2017

Gugudan Playfully Dress Up in “A Girl Like Me” Music Video


Gugudan’s back! On February 28, gugudan revealed their music video for “A Girl Like Me” together with their second mini album “Act.2 Narcissus”, for their first ever comeback. In their new video, gugudan dress up like the grown-ups, and each of the nine members wonder what her love thinks about a girl like her, “A Girl Like Me”.

In the “A Girl Like Me” music video, Gugudan try out lots of clothes and fashion in colorful sets that look like dressing rooms. Each member dresses up in their own unique way in their own special spot, checking how they look using the mirror, pictures, the copying machine, the cameras, and more. In between the solo shots, gugudan perform their new dance moves together.

“A Girl Like Me” is an upbeat pop song, with a fun tempo and catchy beat. In the song, gugudan sing about revealing their charms and falling in love. Their new album, “Act.2 Narcissus”, features six new songs - “Rainbow”, lead single “A Girl Like Me” and its instrumental, “Hate You” written by VIXX’s Ravi, “One Step Closer”, and “Make a Wish”.

Gugudan are Jellyfish’s first ever girl group. They’re also the sister group of VIXX. Gugudan debuted last June with a fantasy concept and youthful and energetic choreography in “Wonderland”, from their first mini album “Act.1 The Little Mermaid”. In their debut music video, gugudan open up their very own theater – the Gugudan Theater – and star in their very own play and dance in fantasy-themed sets.

Watch Gugudan’s music video for “A Girl Like Me” now:

Also, check out the songs on Gugudan’s “Act.2 Narcissus” album:

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