Gugudan / I.O.I’s Sejeong Unveils Music Video for Solo Song “Flower Road”

Posted on 26 November 2016


Sejeong, member of the two girl groups gugudan and I.O.I, has finally released a solo song – after long-running rumors that she would debut as a solo artist this year. On November 23, Sejeong reveled her first solo music video for “Flower Road”. The song is the third single on Jellyfish’s digital music channel Jelly Box.

The song “Flower Road” - a ballad brimming with a longing for the past and showcasing Sejeong’s soothing vocals – was produced by Block B’s Zico. Sejeong is a cast member of the KBS variety show “Talents for Sale” - in the show’s 8th episode that aired on June 29, she related the story of her family, which inspired Zico to collab with her to write the lyrics of the song.

The music video for “Flower Road” alternates between scenes of a mother helping her child with doing so many things – and the grown up adult the Sejeong has become, reminiscing about her childhood. Sejeong’s new solo song is already ranking #1 in several online music charts in Korea – including MelOn, Bugs!, Naver Music, and more. Jellyfish, Sejeong’s agency, also announced that she will be performing the song on the weekly music shows.

Sejeong first debuted as a member of the girl group I.O.I, after finishing as one of the top 11 finalists of the Mnet idol survival show “Produce 101”. I.O.I made their debut last May, with the song “Dream Girls”. Sejeong also joined them once again for their first comeback with “Very Very Very” last October. Sejeong made her debut again, the next time as a member of Jellyfish’s first ever girl group gugudan – last June, with the song “Wonderland”.

Check out Sejeong’s solo music video for “Flower Road” now:

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