GOT7 Will “Never Ever” Let You Go in New Music Video

Posted on March 21 2017

GOT7 Will “Never Ever” Let You Go in New Music Video


GOT7 are back! On March 13, GOT7 revealed their new music video for “Never Ever”, the lead single of their sixth mini album “Flight Log: Arrival”. The new album is the third and final installment of GOT7’s “Flight Log” series. In the video for “Never Ever”, the seven members of GOT7 each go on their own path, as they complete the story that began with “Fly” and continued on with “Hard Carry”.

In the video for “Never Ever”, GOT7 are on a mission to save member Jinyoung’s life, and rush to track him down before it’s too late. In between the scenes of the story of the “Flight Log” trilogy’s final music video, GOT7 present their smooth new dance moves in one heavily-lit room and in another set with a more futuristic design. GOT7’s latest music video achieved 1.2 million views on YouTube within only 5 hours.

The JYP boy group are trying out new music this time around with “Never Ever”, a tropical house-inspired dance track with lots of chill beats and vibes. GOT7’s “Flight Log: Arrival” features eight new songs – lead single “Never Ever”, “Shopping Mall”, “Paradise”, “Sign”, “Go Higher”, “Q”, “Don’t Care”, and “Out”.

GOT7’s “Fly” and “Hard Carry”, from their previous two comebacks in 2016, were the lead singles for the first two installments of their “Flight Log” series: “Flight Log: Departure” and “Flight Log: Turbulence”. In the video for “Fly”, GOT7 go on a road trip and then suddenly become capable of flying; while in “Hard Carry”, GOT7 present their most intense choreography yet.

Check out GOT7’s music video for “Never Ever” now:

Listen to the new songs on GOT7’s latest album “Flight Log: Arrival” now:

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