GOT7 Tell You Everything They Love About Who “You Are” in New Music Video

Posted on October 11 2017

GOT7 Tell You Everything They Love About Who “You Are” in New Music Video


GOT7 are back! On October 10, GOT7 unveiled their new music video for “You Are”, the lead single of their latest mini album “7 for 7”. In the music video, GOT7 travel to and explore Hong Kong, the hometown of member Jackson Wang. GOT7’s “You Are” music video achieved more than 3.7 million views in less than 24 hours.

The music video for “You Are” opens up with GOT7 hanging out all over the city: gazing up from underground, looking out at the sea from the harbor, going for a walk on the streets, and enjoying the view from above. After checking out the urban landscape, GOT7 head out to the woods. GOT7 soon present their latest choreography, dancing on the rooftop and singing about their lover and the beautiful sky, and continue with their new moves on the hills surrounded by nature.

GOT7’s new single “You Are” blends in pop and EDM, and features the members sharing their more mature side with their powerful vocals and rapping. GOT7’s seventh mini album “7 for 7” includes seven new songs: “Moon U”, “Teenager”, lead single “You Are”, “Firework”, “Remember You”, “To Me”, and “Face”.

GOT7 made their previous comeback with “Never Ever”, the lead single of the group’s sixth mini album and the Flight Log trilogy’s final installment, “Flight Log: Arrival”. In the video, GOT7 move fast to find and save member Jinyoung before time runs out, performing the choreography in between the scenes of the rescue mission.

Check out GOT7’s new music video for “You Are” now:

Listen to the songs on GOT7’s new mini album “7 for 7”, too:

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