GOT7 Release Music Video Teasers for “Hard Carry”

Posted on September 26 2016

GOT7 Release Music Video Teasers for “Hard Carry”


This week, rookie boy group GOT7 released two music video teasers for their upcoming music video for “Hard Carry”. The song is the title track of their next album, their second Korean full-length album, titled “Flight Log: Turbulence”. GOT7’s new music video and second album will both be released next Monday, on September 27.
GOT7’s second album “Flight Log: Turbulence” will feature 13 new songs - for which they’ve now also released an album preview - including title track “Hard Carry”.

Previously, GOT7 released a choreography teaser for “Hard Carry”, showing their latest and greatest dance moves, and their very powerful and intense choreography.
GOT7 have released a ton of content for their comeback this time around. In addition to the content items already listed, GOT7 have also released a comeback trailer video, the track list for their album, and two batches – part 1 and part 2 – of interesting teaser photos highlight their latest concept.

Earlier this year, on March 19, GOT7 released their mini album, titled “Flight Log: Departure” - which featured “Fly” as its title track. GOT7 have been active on dozens of music shows, concerts, and many other outdoor and popular events, since their debut under JYP Entertainment in January 2014. 

Check out GOT7’s cool new videos from their comeback, which is happening next week:

“Flight Log: Turbulence” Comeback Trailer Video:


 “Hard Carry” Choreography Teaser


 “Hard Carry” Music Video Teaser #1


 “Hard Carry” Music Video Teaser #2


 “Flight Log: Turbulence” Album Preview

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