GOT7 Present You with a Special Dreamy “Lullaby” in New Music Video

Posted on September 21 2018

GOT7 Present You with a Special Dreamy “Lullaby” in New Music Video

GOT7 - Lullaby

GOT7 are back! On September 17, GOT7 revealed their new music video for “Lullaby”, the lead single of their third full album “Present: You”. In the video, GOT7 get caught up in all kinds of spectacular scenarios, as fantasy starts blending in with reality around them. GOT7’s new video for “Lullaby” achieved more than 10 million views in less than 24 hours.

The music video for “Lullaby” opens up with GOT7 ready to present their new dance moves, where they alternate between relaxed motions and fast-paced movements. GOT7’s imagination soon runs wild, with their car flying into the air while they’re out driving, their books revealing the starry night sky behind the shelf, the trains running at full speed just as they launch into a dance break in the middle of the station, and more.

GOT7 create their very own “Lullaby” in their new single, blending in synths and bass with beats from the deep house and funk genres. GOT7’s new album “Present: You” features 16 new songs: lead single “Lullaby” and its English, Chinese, Spanish, and instrumental versions; “Enough”, “Save You”, “No One Else”, “I Am Me”, JB’s solo “Sunrise”, “OMW” by Mark, Jackson’s “Made It”, Jinyoung’s solo “My Youth”, Youngjae’s “Nobody Knows”, “Party” by BamBam, and Yugyeom’s solo “Fine”.

GOT7’s previous comeback happened last March, with the release of their eighth mini album “Eyes on You”. In the music video for the lead single “Look”, GOT7 are all on their own in various spots in the city. Still, whether they’re at a party, at an art gallery, hanging out downtown, and even while doing their dance moves, GOT7 always find a way to spot you in the crowd, catch your eye, and give you a knowing look.

Check out GOT7’s new music video for “Lullaby” now:

Watch GOT7’s solo music videos, too:

Jackson – Made It

BamBam – Party

Youngjae – Nobody Knows

Jinyoung – My Youth

Yugyeom – Fine

JB – Sunrise

Mark – OMW

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