GOT7 Keep Their Eyes on You and Give You That “Look” in New Music Video

Posted on March 17 2018

GOT7 Keep Their Eyes on You and Give You That “Look” in New Music Video


GOT7’s back! On March 12, GOT7 revealed their new music video for “Look”, the lead single of their eighth mini album “Eyes on You”. In the video, GOT7 take a look and smile at their special someone, forgetting the crowds and the space between them. GOT7 achieved more than 6.5 million views for their “Look” music video in less than 24 hours.

The music video for “Look” opens up with GOT7 all over the city. Whether they’re on their own or surrounded by people, GOT7 always notice their special someone from where they’re standing and keep their eyes locked on their love interest. GOT7 get back together to perform their highly synchronized choreography on the streets, and later on bring their new moves to the dance floor.

“Look” is a chill dance track that blends in house music and hip-hop with GOT7’s energetic vocals and smooth rapping, for a laid-back yet deeply intense hit. GOT7’s new mini album “Eyes on You” features six new songs: “One And Only You (feat. Hyolyn)”, lead single “Look”, “The Reason”, “Hesitate”, “Us”, and “Thank You”.

Previously, GOT7 unveiled a special pre-release video for “One And Only You (feat. Hyolyn)”, ahead of their latest mini album “Eyes on You”. In the special video, GOT7 groove together while futuristic backgrounds light the place up behind them, and the voice of former Sistar lead vocalist Hyolyn joins the party a short time after.

Check out GOT7’s new music video for “Look” now:

Watch GOT7’s pre-release special video for “One And Only You (feat. Hyolyn)”:

Listen to the songs on GOT7’s new album “Eyes on You”, too:

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