GOT7 Celebrate the “Miracle” Moments of the Season in New Music Video

Posted on December 11 2018

GOT7 Celebrate the “Miracle” Moments of the Season in New Music Video

GOT7 are back! On December 3, GOT7 revealed their new music video for “Miracle”, the lead single of their third album repackage “Present: You & Me”. In the video, GOT7 show a young girl the wonders of winter and the holiday season. GOT7 got more than 7 million views with their new music video for “Miracle” in less than 24 hours.

The music video for “Miracle” opens up with a girl looking out the window, where she sees children playing on the snow together. GOT7 sing their song all over the fantastic special place, and appear to guide the girl around the room and outside to the castle-like grounds and to the winter forest. GOT7 smile, unseen, while presenting one miracle after another to the curious kid.

GOT7’s new single “Miracle” is a pop ballad that blends the soft tunes of the piano and strings, with the sound of the bells and the season. GOT7’s third repackaged album “Present: You & Me” features 12 new songs, in addition to the original track list of their third album “Present: You”: lead single “Miracle”, “Take Me to You”, “Come On”, “1:31 AM”, “Higher”, “I Love It”, “WOLO”, “King”, “Think About It”, “From Now”, “Hunger”, and “Phoenix”.

GOT7 made their previous comeback last September, with their third album “Present: You”. In the music video for the lead single “Lullaby”, GOT7’s song gets them launching all out into a dreamlike show. GOT7 drive on, only for their ride to fly all the way up into the sky. GOT7 also get surrounded by a ton of books, act on an urge to dance on the train platform, and find themselves in all kinds of crazy scenarios.

Watch GOT7’s new music video for “Miracle” now:

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