Girls’ Generation Celebrate Like It’s the “Holiday” and Party “All Night” in New Music Videos

Posted on August 07 2017

Girls’ Generation Celebrate Like It’s the “Holiday” and Party “All Night” in New Music Videos

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Girls’ Generation just celebrated ten years together! On August 4, Girls’ Generation unveiled new music videos for “Holiday” and “All Night”, the two lead singles from their sixth album “Holiday Night”. The music video for “Holiday” achieved more than 6 million views on YouTube in less than 24 hours, while the documentary version of  “All Night” exceeded 3 million.

The music video for “Holiday” opens up to Girls’ Generation dancing on the street surrounded by the ocean and palm trees. Taeyeon and Seohyun add a few finishing touches to their look, Sunny and Yuri have some drinks, Yoona and Sooyoung walk out with shopping bags, and Hyoyeon, Yuri, and Tiffany step out from the elevator. After meeting up and some fireworks, Girls’ Generation keep dancing all day and night.

In the next music video for “All Night”, Yoona smoothly walks into the venue and Girls’ Generation soon find their way among the small crowd. Sooyoung’s the singer on stage, while the other members groove their moves to the beat on the dance floor, and chill around the tables later on in the night. Every now and then, Girls’ Generation also perform the “All Night” choreography as the only singers and dancers in the house.

The documentary version of the “All Night” music video features interviews of each of the Girls’ Generation members looking back on the past decade, as well as footage from their debut era concerts, appearing throughout the clean version of the video.

Holiday” is a summer dance track loaded with funk and synths, while “All Night” is a disco-themed single with lots of bass and an electronic beat. Other songs featured on Girls’ Generation’s 10th anniversary album “Holiday Night” include: “Girls Are Back”, lead singles “All Night” and “Holiday”, “FAN”, “Only One”, “One Last Time”, “Sweet Talk”, “Love is Bitter”, “It’s You”, and “Light Up the Sky”.

Girls’ Generation made their previous comeback in the summer of 2015, with the release of their fifth album “Lion Heart”. The album featured three lead singles: “Party”, “Lion Heart”, and “You Think”.

Leading up to the release date of their 10th anniversary album, Girls’ Generation released teaser videos featuring each of the eight current members. Girls’ Generation each share their thoughts about the past 10 years, along with scenes of each member up close from the “All Night” music video and snapshots of the concerts from way back in their rookie days performing “Into the New World”, “Baby Baby”, “Girls’ Generation”, and “Gee”.

Former member Jessica also announced that she will be celebrating the 10th anniversary of Girls’ Generation and her own debut. Jessica will be making her comeback next week on August 9, with her third mini album “My Decade” and lead single “Summer Storm”.

Watch Girls' Generation’s new music videos for “Holiday” and “All Night” now:


All Night (Clean ver.)

All Night (Documentary ver.)

Check out the “Holiday Night” teaser videos, too:









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