Gfriend Look Back on the Memories Every “Sunrise” in New Music Video

Posted on January 18 2019

Gfriend Look Back on the Memories Every “Sunrise” in New Music Video

Gfriend are back! On January 14, Gfriend unveiled their new music video for “Sunrise”, the lead single of their second album “Time for Us”. In the video, Gfriend watch the sun rise from several places, and remember all the emotions they felt from a past love every time they do. Gfriend achieved a combined total of more than 4.8 million views for their “Sunrise” video in less than 24 hours.

The music video for “Sunrise” opens up with Gfriend walking into a room and staying after the sun had already risen, and playing the piano in the forest. Gfriend start off their new choreography with a sun-like formation and cheerful dance moves. Gfriend relax at home at first and have some cake together before going out, and see the light at the end of the tunnel and bask in the sunlight passing through the trees.

Gfriend’s new single “Sunrise” is the group’s latest signature synth-pop track, featuring the members’ radiant and powerful vocals. Gfriend’s second album “Time for Us” includes a total of 13 tracks: lead single “Sunrise” and its instrumental, “You are not alone”, “L.U.V.”, “GLOW”, “Our Secret”, “Only 1”, “Truly Love”, “Show Up”, “It’s You”, “A Starry Sky”, “Love Oh Love”, and “Memoria (Korean Ver.)”.

Gfriend made their previous comeback last July with their seventh mini album “Sunny Summer”. In the music video for the lead single “Sunny Summer”, Gfriend are huddled over a table and looking around. Gfriend then amp up the energy with their dance moves outside, and soon get in a summery mood when they start to do all kinds of fun things around the house, have some refreshing drinks, and sing their hearts out.

Check out Gfriend’s new music video for “Sunrise” now:

Listen to the songs on Gfriend’s new album “Time for Us”, too:

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