Gfriend Look Back on the Bittersweet Memories of a Past Love in the “Summer Rain” in New Music Video

Posted on September 14 2017

Gfriend Look Back on the Bittersweet Memories of a Past Love in the “Summer Rain” in New Music Video

gfriend-summer rain

Gfriend are back once again! On September 13, Gfriend unveiled their new music video for “Summer Rain”, the lead single of their new repackaged mini album “Rainbow”. Gfriend achieved more than 1 million views with their latest “Summer Rain” music video in less than 7 hours.

The music video for “Summer Rain” begins with Gfriend performing a mini ballet-like opening dance, before moving on to the next stage of their latest choreography.

Contemplating the memories as the rain falls all around and sometimes with an umbrella in tow, Gfriend pass by the neighborhood’s charming streets, the nearby garden and park, along the corridors of what looks like a special place, and more.

Deep in reflection looking out the window while the rain continues to pour, Gfriend pen a new entry in their diary later on. Gfriend eventually rediscover a love letter from the past, and end up reliving the moments all over again.

Gfriend’s new single “Summer Rain” blends in synths and samples of classical music, matching the rainy days of the season. Gfriend’s fifth mini album repackage “Rainbow” features a total of 10 songs, including all 8 songs from the group’s previous mini album “Parallel”. The repackage’s two additional tracks include the new lead single “Summer Rain” and its instrumental version.

Gfriend’s previous comeback was last August, with their fifth original mini album “Parallel”. Gfriend returned to their youthful concept with the music video of the lead single, “Love Whisper”, traveling to the countryside to search for the source of the signal and singing about keeping one’s ears open to listen to the stories ahead.

Watch Gfriend’s new music video for “Summer Rain” now:


Check out the songs on Gfriend’s latest album repackage “Rainbow”, too:

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