G-Dragon Returns with an “Untitled, 2014” Song About His Past Love in New Music Video

Posted on June 17 2017

G-Dragon Returns with an “Untitled, 2014” Song About His Past Love in New Music Video


G-Dragon is back! On June 8, G-Dragon unveiled his new music video for “Untitled, 2014”, the first single from his second mini album “Kwon Ji-Yong” that was also released on the same day. In the video, G-Dragon sings deeply and emotionally about  a past love, and everything he felt back then and what he feels now, as the scenery changes around him.

In the music video for “Untitled, 2014”, G-Dragon sings alone, straight from the heart, in a place that’s simple yet ever-changing. G-Dragon lets it all out, the memories and emotions with his former lover, while playing something that’s like an invisible piano. G-Dragon floats in the air, sings in a room, appears in front of a cloudy sky, walks on the shore with the waves of the sea behind him, and more.

G-Dragon’s new song “Untitled, 2014” is a deep ballad with soft piano instrumentals that complete the leader of BIGBANG’s emotional vocals. The mini album features five songs: “Middle Fingers-Up (Intro)”, “Bullshit (Act I)”, “Super Star (Act II)”, lead single “Untitled, 2014 (Act III)”, and “Divina Commedia (Outro)”.

G-Dragon made his last solo comeback in September 2013, with the release of his second album “Coup d’Etat”. The album featured four singles that all got their own music videos: “MichiGO”, “Coup d’Etat”, “Crooked”, and “Who You?”.

Watch G-Dragon’s new music video for “Untitled, 2014” now:

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