EXO’s Lay Continues Solo Debut with “Lose Control” Music Video

Posted on October 30 2016

EXO’s Lay Continues Solo Debut with “Lose Control” Music Video


Lay from EXO is back, and very soon! On October 28, Lay unveiled his new music video for “Lose Control”. Lay’s latest video is his second, following the one for his pre-release single “what U need” - which came out on his birthday three weeks ago on October 7.
“Lose Control” is also the title of Lay’s debut mini album. The album features a total of six songs: “Lose Control”, “what U need”, “Tonight”, “MYM”, “MYM (Acoustic ver.)”, and “Relax”. Lay was also the producer of his entire album – from the composition to the lyrics and the arrangement.
“Lose Control” elegantly blends pop and R&B – with a guitar playing in the background – into a unique dance track that matches Lay’s style perfectly. In the music video, Lay tells his story of how he gave the world to the girl he loved – and how he can’t break away from her when she doesn’t return the favor.
Fellow EXO member Chanyeol also held a special V app streaming session to help promote Lay’s new music video.. During Chanyeol’s stream, he did a reaction video for “Lose Control”, and called him on the phone to congratulate him on a successful solo debut.
Watch Lay’s second solo music video for “Lose Control” now:

Check out Chanyeol’s reaction video to Lay’s “Lose Control”:

Chanyeol called Lay to personally congratulate him for his solo debut, watch it here: 

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