EXO Pull Off a “Power” Performance in a Parallel Universe in New Music Video

Posted on September 09 2017

EXO Pull Off a “Power” Performance in a Parallel Universe in New Music Video


EXO’s back! On September 5, EXO revealed their new music video for “Power”, the lead single of their latest repackaged album “The War: The Power of Music”. EXO are making this comeback as eight members, with Lay absent due to his solo activities. EXO’s “Power” music video achieved more than 6.6 million views in less than 24 hours.

EXO’s “Power” music video blends in video game, science fiction, and superhero themes, and opens up in an alternate universe where EXO are in a room and an alien robot is attacking a spaceship. Next thing you know is EXO ending up in a place that looks like the surface of a moon, fighting the alien robot together to survive, turning into animated versions of themselves, and gaining cool new superpowers along the way.

EXO’s new single “Power”, an EDM track loaded with energy and synths, is all about the power of music to bring people together as one. EXO’s new album repackage “The War: The Power of Music” features 12 tracks: “The Eve”, lead single “Power”, “Sweet Lies”, previous single “Ko Ko Bop”, “What U Do?”, “Forever”, “Boomerang”, “Diamond”, “Touch It”, “Chill”, “Walk On Memories”, and “Going Crazy”.

EXO’s previous comeback happened last summer in July, with the release of their fourth original album “The War”. “Ko Ko Bop” was chosen as the album’s lead single. In the video, EXO move to the beat as they dance and groove on the streets, chill around their car in the woods, and go downtown to hang out.

Watch EXO’s new music video for “Power” now:

Korean version

Chinese version

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