EXO Go Searching the “Universe” with a Cup of Coffee in Hand in New Music Video

Posted on December 30 2017

EXO Go Searching the “Universe” with a Cup of Coffee in Hand in New Music Video

EXO Universe

EXO are back! On December 26, EXO unveiled their new music video for “Universe”, the lead single of their special winter album of the same name. In the video, EXO get ready to search for their lover across the universe, with a cup of coffee along the way. EXO’s “Universe” music video got more than 2.8 million views in less than 24 hours.

The music video for “Universe” opens up with EXO brewing coffee beans and pouring coffee into cups. Hands with intertwined fingers and ropes that tie themselves soon appear, as EXO sing about being ready to search the entire universe until they can be with their special someone once more. EXO get together for a cup of coffee later on.

EXO’s new single “Universe” is a power ballad complemented by the piano, electric strings, and the members’ moving vocals. EXO’s winter album “Universe” includes a total of eight new songs: the Korean, Chinese, and CD versions of the lead single “Universe”; “Been Through”; “Stay”; “Fall”; “Good Night”; and “Lights Out”.

EXO made their previous comeback last September, with their fourth repackage album “The War: The Power of Music”. The video game-like music video for the lead single “Power” is set in another world, where EXO fight a giant alien machine to survive and get their superpowers back, and later turn into animated versions of themselves.

Watch EXO’s new “Universe” music videos now:

Korean version

Chinese version

Check out EXO’s “Cafe Universe” mini-series:

Episode 1 (Xiumin and Sehun)

Episode 2 (Kai and Suho)

Episode 3 (Baekhyun and Chanyeol)

Episode 4 (D.O. and Chen)

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